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Chris Kading
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Instructor Biographies

Chris Kading, Founder
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under Black Belt Curtis Brigham founder of WAMMA (Winnipeg). Chris is an experienced amateur BJJ, muay thai and MMA competitor.

Joe Doerkson, BJJ & MMA
We are grateful to have Joe Doerkson join the WAMMA Brandon crew, helping to guide our BJJ and MMA training. Joe is a BJJ Black Belt and Canada’s most experienced Pro (retired) MMA fighter with a record of 51 wins (35 submission, 8 TKO): 16 losses. 9 of Joe’s fight were in the UFC.

Chris Tymchuk, BJJ
Chris received his purple belt in bjj from Chris Kading, and is the resident leg lock specialist and no gi jiu jitsu enthusiast, with a relentless passion for rash guards and sound effects.

Eric Cliplef, BJJ

Jeff Gervin, Judo
Jeff began his study of judo in 1998 under the tutelage of Sensei Silvio Sboto. He was awarded the rank of Shodan (1st degree blackbelt) in 2005. He has medalled in numerous regional and provincial tournaments, and was the 2007 Manitoba Master’s Provincial Champion.

Lawrence Nittelet, Judo
Lawrence began practicing Judo in 1979 under 5th Dans Silvio Sboto and Ron Wright, and 4th Dan Don Eastman. He is a provincial and regional gold medalist, and was picked for Junior Olympics in 1984, and was awarded his Black Belt in 2005.

Michael Clark, Wrestling
Mike got his start in wrestling training south of the border in Wisconsin where he competed at the high school and university levels. Mike spent his time in university training under Olympic wrestling silver and gold medalist, coach Ben peterson.

Bart Curtis, Muay Thai/ Kickboxing
In over 20+ years competing Bart worked his way through point fighting, full contact, knockdown, kickboxing, K1 rules, and Muay Thai bouts. He retired ranked #2 in Canada by the World Kickboxing Association.

Domingo Zuniga, Muay Thai/ Kickboxing
Domingo trained and competed in Muay thai/kickboxing for over 20 years. He retired from competing to persue a career in dentistry, but continues to coach muay thai/ kickboxing athletes, and officiate events.

Lisa Noctor, Fitness Kickboxing & Program Coordinator
Lisa is an engaged club member who spearheads the beginner/ Fitness Kickboxing, and youth programs. Lisa received her blue belt in bjj from Chris Kading.

Note: MMA classes and fighter training sessions are scheduled weekly, at the availability of instructors and fighters.


Download Full Youth Program Brochure here.

WAMMA Brandon’s various youth components combine to function as a long term Athlete Development Program. The intent is to begin building mentality, character, and grit from an early age starting in Bully Safe, while developing body literacy and muscle memory, and establishing safe training practices. Technical challenges are increased at appropriate ages to include wrestling and jiu jitsu tactics, ultimately producing well– rounded, skilled grapplers.

For more information or to register contact us at BrandonAcademyMMA@gmail.com

Find our Youth Registration Form here


ages 4-6 & 7-13

Price per (3 month) Session
4 – 6 years $100 / 7 – 13 years $150
For families with multiple kids; full price for oldest child, $50 discount per additional child

Bully Safe Kids is a dynamic jiu jitsu based self defense program that aims to build confident and healthy kids!

We teach conflict resolution through tactical communication and work tirelessly to instill the mindset that violence is an absolute last resort, that when necessary, must not be used to excess.

We do not teach the Bully Safe kids striking or chokeholds; instead focusing our learning on defending these types of attacks.

Bully Safe kids learn and practice boundary communication, de-escalation, functional movement, defensive blocks, escape tactics, take downs,control positions..and a few submissions!

Respect the tap!

Bully Safe runs in 3 month sessions:
Fall (Oct-Dec) & Winter (Jan-Mar).
Classes are two days per week and students are encouraged to get as much training time in as possible!

To register for the next session submit a post dated cheque written to BAMMA, and a complete registration form.


Many thanks to our 2017/ 2018 Bully Safe T-Shirt Sponsors and special thanks to ABC Fire & Safety Equipment for their contribution as this season Bully Safe Belt Sponsor!


Youth Grappler Membership $50 per month
For families with multiple kids; full price for first child, $10 discount per additional child. No additional cost to registered Bully Safe students interested in pursuing grappling.


ages 9 and up

WAMMA Brandon’s Youth Wrestling program is a serious grind.

American wrestling focuses on the use of body mechanics, weight distribution and strength to pin the opponent to the mat.

These kids work hard in classes that include focused body literacy training, technical drilling, strength & conditioning training and hard wrestling.

At WAMMA we believe that focused wrestling training provides great foundational learning for jiu jitsu practice.

Saturdays 3:00 – 4:00pm
Sundays 2:30 – 4:00pm

For this class students will need:
Snug Fitness Attire
Wrestling Shoes & Outdoor Runners
Mouth Guard


ages 12 and up

WAMMA Brandon’s Youth Jiu Jitsu
students focus on building their grappling skills by learning survival, defense and escapes, control positions, and submissions that include joint locks and choke holds.

Position before submission!

We approach drilling and training these techniques with the utmost respect for our training partners and instructors.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00 – 8:00pm

For this class students will need:
Snug Fitness Attire (Avoid Pockets and Velcro)
Mouth Guard

Bully Safe and Wrestling students
under the age of 12 who demonstrate a maturity, passion and aptitude for grappling may be invited to the youth jiu jitsu classes.